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Default user

Upon installation Shipmight creates a default user with the username admin and the password admin. Upon first login the password must be changed.

The default username and password can be configured via the Helm chart, see Initial user and password.

Adding users

On the Manage-page, select Create user to create a new user:

Screenshot of Create user -modal

After creation you will be able to copy their randomly generated password. They will need to choose a new password upon the first login.

Screenshot of copyable password after user creation

Listing users

You can find the list of users on the Manage-page.

Screenshot of user list

Deleting users

For any user in the list, you can use the Delete-button to delete it.

A confirmation modal will open, and you will be asked to confirm the deletion.

Screenshot of Delete user -modal

Note: You cannot delete your own user, because there needs to always be at least one existing user.

Kubernetes resources

Each user is stored as a Kubernetes Secret.






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