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Applications are what you, the user, deploys on Shipmight.

You can route HTTP traffic to applications, but it is entirely optional.

Listing applications

On the Applications page you can view a list of all applications in the project.

Screenshot of Applications page

Creating applications

On the Applications page, select Create application.

Screenshot of Create application -page

See Fields below for available fields.

Creating an application does not immediately deploy it. See Making a deployment below.


Available fields for applications:

Making deployments

On the Release tab you can deploy the application.

Initially the deployment list is empty:

Screenshot of Release -tab

Select a specific tag to deploy:

Screenshot of tag input

Note: In many articles online you may see the tag latest used instead. While this is quick and works, it is discouraged. You should always use a precise version, as recommended by Kubernetes.

After selecting Deploy, a new deployment will appear in the list below:

Screenshot of deployment loading

The list shows up to 10 last deployments.

You can follow the container and pod statuses in real-time. When the deployment is ready, it should look something like this:

Screenshot of deployment ready

If Kubernetes reports any issues (for example, insufficient memory or CPU resources, or trouble pulling the image), you’ll see this information in the list as well:

Screenshot of deployment ready

Viewing application logs

See Logs.

Routing traffic to applications

See Domains and SSL.

Editing applications

On the Configuration tab you can edit the configuration of an existing application.

Screenshot of Configuration -tab

Note that changes will not be effective until you make a new deployment.

Deleting applications

On the Settings tab you can delete the application.

Screenshot of Settings -tab

Kubernetes resources

Behind the scenes the application is stored as a Kubernetes Secret.

When a deployment is made, Shipmight deploys it as a Helm release.






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