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Configuring Shipmight

This page describes the configuration options of Shipmight itself.


Initial user and password

When Shipmight is installed, a default account is created with the credentials admin / admin. These can be configured via shipmight.config.initialAdminUser and shipmight.config.initialAdminPass:

helm install <release> shipmight/shipmight-stack \
  --set shipmight.config.initialAdminUser=admin \
  --set shipmight.config.initialAdminPass=secret123

JWT token

Shipmight API authenticates incoming requests via a JWT token. A random secret for signing and verifying JWT tokens is generated by the chart when Shipmight stack is installed. Alternatively, you can set a predefined secret via shipmight.config.jwtSecret:

helm upgrade shipmight shipmight/shipmight-stack \
  --set shipmight.config.jwtSecret=...


Shipmight can update itself whenever there's a new version of the shipmight-stack chart available.

The update is triggered via the Update-button under Manage. See Update from the UI for more details.


Self-update checks for new versions from a remote chart repository. You can customize the repository URL via config.selfUpdateRepository:

helm upgrade shipmight shipmight/shipmight-stack \
  --set shipmight.config.selfUpdateRepository=""

Disabling self-update

You can disable the self-update functionality by setting config.selfUpdateRepository to null:

helm upgrade shipmight shipmight/shipmight-stack \
  --set shipmight.config.selfUpdateRepository=null


Readable UUIDs

If true (default), resource name/identifier is slugified (up to 15 characters) and prepended in the random ID of a resource. For example, creating a domain might result in an UUID like examplecom-10e82.

If false, slugs are omitted and IDs are just random strings, e.g. 10e82.

helm upgrade shipmight shipmight/shipmight-stack \
  --set shipmight.config.readableUuids=true

UUID length

Amount of random characters when generating random UUIDs. Excludes the slug length, if readableUuids is enabled.

helm upgrade shipmight shipmight/shipmight-stack \
  --set shipmight.config.uuidLength=5






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