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Updating Shipmight

You can update Shipmight directly from the UI, or via Helm.

Update from the UI

On the Manage page, you can see if a new Shipmight version is available, and update to it automatically.

Screenshot of Update-section on Manage-page

If there are no updates available, the button will be disabled.

Screenshot of disabled Update-section on Manage-page

Update via Helm

You can upgrade the Helm release using the Helm CLI, if you want. This is what the automatic update option does behinid the scenes, too.

# Pull latest charts from repo
helm repo update
# Upgrade release using specific chart version
helm upgrade --version <new-version> -n <namespace> <release-name> <chart>


helm upgrade --version 0.1.14 -n shipmight shipmight shipmight/shipmight-stack






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