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Shipmight 0.5 has been released. This release is the first under an open source license (GNU AGPLv3). It also brings a new app type, Jobs.

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Every now and then you’ll need to use the --reset-values and --reuse-values flags when running helm upgrade. Let’s dive into how they actually work, and also look at a gotcha when the values of a chart have changed in-between upgrades.

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Common Dockerfiles

Feb 23rd, 2022Articles

On this page we’ve collected sample Dockerfiles for various programming languages. We’ve also included related links for each language, so you can dig deeper and find out the best practises related to each Dockerfile.

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The purpose of this tutorial is to illustrate, to a complete beginner, how Docker works and how it can radically simplify their development environment and dependency management. Focus is on the very basics. We’ll talk enough about how Docker and containers work and what they mean, but we’ll keep it at a general and, most importantly, practical level.

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