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Names and labels

Shipmight employs a consistent naming and labeling strategy to all created Kubernetes resources.


Resources created by Shipmight have a unique ID, which consists of the resource name in a “slugified” form (can be turned off) and a number of random characters (can be configured, defaults to 5).

Example names:

  • examplecom-10e82

Resource names can't be used for querying resources of a specific type. Labels can.


Labels are used for storing resource-specific values which should also be queryable. Usually this includes things like related IDs and simple categories for grouping.

Label keys follow the pattern: <resourceType><field>, where:

  • resourceType is one of the values listed below
  • field is some field related to the resource type (snake-case)

Example labels:

  • someproject-12345

Possible values for resourceType:

  • app
  • cert-manager-issuer
  • deployment
  • domain
  • ext (special type for labels embedded into app charts)
  • app-chart
  • file
  • master-domain
  • project
  • registry
  • user

Shipmight utilizes Kubernetes labels for querying related resources. For example, a domain can have the label <id> which can be used to list domains linked to a specific app. For most resource types this is sufficient enough.

In case of apps, though, a link to a resource may be contained within the values payload. For example, a values.fileMounts contains references to files via their IDs. A registry selection for an app also references to a registry via its ID.

In these cases the resource IDs are extracted from values and added as additional labels to the Secret:

  •<fileId>: true
  •<registryId>: true

This is simply to allow for querying related resources without having to read the payload of every Secret to check if it contains such a reference.


Annotations are used for storing resource-specific values which do not need to be queryable and/or contain data which is not possible to store in a label value.

Annotation names follow the same pattern as labels: <resourceType><field>

Refer to Labels for more information.






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