PaaS experience for developers, in your cloud

Shipmight is a Developer Platform which runs on any Kubernetes cluster.
Think Heroku, but on your infrastructure.

Install via Helm on your cloud of choice.

Screenshot of application list in Shipmight

What it looks like

Screenshot of login screen
Screenshot of application list
Screenshot of Network-page
Screenshot of triggering a job
Screenshot of editing a file
Screenshot of Manage-page
Screenshot of log browser
Screenshot of log download modal

See more screenshots in the docs or try out the live demo.

Kubernetes is not for developers

Kubernetes is a great platform for orchestrating infrastructure, but it is not a Developer Platform. It gives too much power and responsibility in the hands of developers who want to deploy a simple web app.

Go from this…

Teams supporting their custom deployment flows. Onboarding new developers takes time. Unmaintained custom scripts and application manifests. SRE time spent on supporting various workflows and teaching developers.

Screenshot of application list in Shipmight

To this…

Unified deployemnt flow across teams. Fast onboarding. SRE time spent supporting one platform. Less vendor lock-in from consultancies.

Screenshot of application list in Shipmight

You are wasting money

Your developers spend too much of their workday fighting DevOps problems. Onboarding new developers to learn the internal scripts and processes takes too much time. Your developers use various paid external services because those services are superior to your in-house scripts. Every team does DevOps differently and this makes SREs jobs difficult.

Every developer hour spent on unnecessary DevOps hurdles costs time and increases the likelihood of developer rotation. Offer your developers the PaaS experience they want and deserve, in-house.

You are wasting opportunity

Your dev team is smart and can solve in-ompany problems and inefficiencies. How easy is it for them to publish an internal tool for their colleagues to use?

The more friction this process entails, the less likely they are to even try. At least more than one time.

Shipmight works great as a platform for hosting internal tools. Offer your developers a frictionless way to share their work. Don’t shut down your employees’ creativity and problem solving.

Open source

Shipmight is released on GitHub under GNU AGPLv3.

Take Shipmight anywhere. Maintain a private fork. Make it suit you.

Ready for deployment enjoyment?






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