Shipmight 0.5 released - Open source, new Job app type

Shipmight 0.5 has been released. This release is the first under an open source license (GNU AGPLv3). It also brings a new app type, Jobs.


This version ships with a new app type: Jobs. You can now deploy one-off tasks ("jobs").

Screenshot of job list

Jobs also support job parameters, so you can use Shipmight to create a visual UI for your coworkers to use to trigger jobs, similarly to e.g. Jenkins.

Screenshot of job parameters

Read more in the documentation.

Open source

This release marks a big change in Shipmight licensing. Version 0.5 is released under GNU AGPLv3, which is a permissive open source license. Our hope is to encourage wider adoption of Shipmight by turning it fully open source.

You can find the now public Shipmight source code on GitHub.


Have feedback about the jobs feature or the new licensing, or anything else? Drop us a line at!






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